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Requires Mac OS X 10.9+

No bash commands to remember

Statiked is a native Mac OSX application. You can configure your blog, specify publishing hosts, create articles and publish them from Statiked's friendly UI

Choose your host

Publish your blogs to Amazon S3, Github. More hosting options coming soon.

Bring your own editor

Statiked respects your work flow. Edit and publish using TextMate, TextEdit, BBEdit or Sublime Text 2. Or you can use Statiked's inbuilt MetaWeblog interface and use standard blog clients.

Markdown support

Write and save your posts in Markdown. Statiked will convert them to HTML before publishing to your host.


Comes with three beautiful responsive themes. Or you can use and customize your theme.

Template system

Statiked uses the familiar Liquid Template system. Migrating your existing static blog is easy.